Even though there have been a number of false starts in the past, Amazon’s release of the Kindle was a turning point for ebooks.

Since then, the number of e-books (and their readers) have been sold by the millions. What makes this better is that their prices have dropped as well.

That said, it still is a difficult choice to pick the best ebook reader for yourself, not unless you’ve done a bit of research.

So, here are 3 factors to take into consideration when you do so:

#1: Screen Size & Type

Basic ebook readers normally use monochrome E Ink screens to display text as it mimics that of a real book well. A number of models also offer a backlit screen as well as edge lighting as well. As for screen size, the conventional size is about 6 inches with a few models having a screen size as large as 6.8 inches. Tablets that comes with a screen size of 7.9 inches also exist.


#2: Your Wireless Connection

The original Amazon Kindle model offered an always-on cellular radio that allows you to buy as well as download books from anywhere at no charge, excluding the price of the book itself. Only now most devices offer WiFi as the base wireless connection apart from the 3G cellular that is more expensive too.

Since most devices without a wireless connection have all but disappeared, you have the aforementioned options available to you – WiFi or 3G. Also, it must be pointed out that you can store upto 1000 ebook in any modern ebook reader.

#3: Your Budget

As mentioned earlier, the prices have dropped substantially. For example, Amazon’s Kindle costs only $79 and it has all the features that are necessary for most people. Of course, there are tablets such as Amazon Fire, LG G Pad and the Galaxy 4 Nook that are within the $100 to $200 range.

3 Factors to Consider When Buying an eBook Reader