Whether you are buying your first ebook reader or just upgrading, the number of options that are available can be daunting to pick from.

Yet there are 3 big names that continue to dominate this market given that they are able to meet most customer requirements and budget.

So, let’s look at what these 4 popular ebook readers have on offer:

#1: Barnes & Noble Nook

There are two versions of this branded ebook reader: the basic model costing $100 while the GlowLight version costing about $120. That said, both ebook readers when charged will last for almost a month if you read for about 30 minutes a day.


#2: Amazon Kindle

There are a number of choices when it comes to the Amazon Kindle – 5 ebook readers in all. Ranging between $70 to $140, any of these ebook readers will help you to keep at least 1000 books, newspapers or magazines. Also, a single charge will last for a month for 30 minutes every day.

The Kindle Keyboard 3G allows for a keyboard, 3G connectivity and stereo speakers while its charge last for almost 2 months compared to the basic model.

#3: Kobo

While this brand isn’t as popular as other two, it still has 3 models such as the Kobo Mini, Glo and Touch. Costing $80 and $130, you can store up to 1000 books while the battery life lasts between two weeks and a month. The Kobo Glo and Touch allows for microSD slots so as to increase the storage by 32GB.

3 Popular Ebook Readers