Every digital reader has been created with a single purpose: work as a reading platform. However, not all of them are created equal. In fact, what might seem ideal for one reader will hardly work for another given that our needs might vary sharply.

So, here are 3 basic aspects to focus on to find the best ebook reader:


1: Readability

Most e-Readers use e-ink technology. This reduces glare and improves contrast. If readability is what you’re looking for, then finding an e-Reader with a built-in light is worth looking. Other factors to take into consideration include touchscreen capability and screen resolution. The former makes it easy to turn pages while the latter being higher in resolution will make it easier to read.

2: Portability

Since the best models are lightweight and compact, this is easy to take with you just about anywhere. Also, they can be easy to hold and comfortable to carry with you for long periods of time. Some models offer 3G connectivity while others free Wi-Fi where the former can come in handy if you travel a lot. But remember: 3G is much more expensive than Wi-Fi.

3: Convenience

Since these e-readers often give one access to a large number of books, the costs involved with purchasing a book from a variety of libraries have very little between them. Of course, there are other models which support the loaning of books too. You can download them to your device either by USB cord or even wirelessly.

It must be said that these devices are best suited to books but one can also buy and read magazines and newspapers.

3 Things to Look For in an eBook Reader