It’s unfortunate that educational institutions haven’t change since the 19th century even if the way we consume information is very different.

Most students in school are already connected (and online) and it’s time for schools to keep up with this given that technology is a large part of our lives. It’s time to make use of this ‘space’ that is considered more ‘social’ rather than ‘useful’.

Here are 3 trends that connected learners might be exposed to in the future:

notesbooknews1: Mobile devices as learning tools

Most learners already have mobiles that turn out to be distractions. Now, schools are starting to use these devices in classroom lessons and projects. In this way, these devices transform into learning tools that could be mobiles or even laptops and that both teachers and students brings into the classroom everyday.

2: E-books are the future of learning

Amazon is the biggest retailer of books but over the last year e-books have overtaken their traditional counterparts. Not only is it popular for leisure reading but is becoming increasingly important for the classroom too. There is no doubt that e-books will dominate virtual bookshelves in the future.

3: The Increased Use of Tablets

The popularity of tablets are also on the rise since they comes in a number of shapes, sizes and prices too. As they grow smaller and portable, they will become popular for classroom use. You can complete a variety of tasks ranging from learning the periodic table to even playing educational games. Without a doubt, app-based devices will become a necessity in the future if it isn’t already.

3 Trends That Connected Learners Will Be Exposed To In The Future