For people who have a lifelong love affair with reading, the world of e-books might not have dimmed their love for the paper variety.

Yet given the number of advantages that come with the electronic variant, one can be tempted to move towards ebooks altogether.

Here are 4 ebook features that make it better than paperbooks:

natesebooknews1: Social Highlighting of Quotes & Passages

While highlighting quotes and passages can be a personal thing with paper books, this feature is also available with e-books that you read with an Amazon Kindle. In fact, there’s more – it can be very social since there’s an Amazon Kindle page that displays the most highlighted pages of all times.

Yet there’s no doubt that ebooks can evolve in the future to enable personal highlighting and which could mimic your handwriting style too.

2: Creating Notes

When you use an eReader, you can easily make clear notes about a book that you might be reading. Best part: you can easily view the notes later on. This is so much better than scribbling in the margins of a paper book.

3: Finding Meaning of Difficult Words

Popular authors and poets use difficult words that everyday people might not be familiar with. A cool feature with an eReader is that it allows you to find the meaning of these words by tapping on the word. A definition will be displayed below. This is especially true if you read poetry.

4: Make Tweets and Facebook Posts

One feature on the Kindle allows you to make Facebook posts and tweets. It can be a wonderful thing to share with your friends, colleagues and family.

4 e-Book Features That Make Reading Easier Than Paperbooks