natesbooknewsAfter complaints of the cost of the new high end Kindle Oasis, Amazon announced a new more affordable Kindle at $80. It will be available in both Black and White colors. This model comes in at the low end and replaces the cheapest Kindle currently available in the lineup.

The new Kindle now comes with double the memory (512MB), is slightly thinner and lighter along with a more rounded design compared to previous models. It will also have touchscreen display, although the resolution will be 167ppi, far lower than the entry level paperwhite model which has approximately 300pp. Battery life is not mentioned but an Amazon spokesman said that it should last “weeks”.

There are rumors that it will also have Bluetooth support. This will be so that blind readers will be able to connect to the reader to a speaker to listen to their books. Other rumored features are the ability to send messages and highlights to yourself or export them as PDFs.

With this update the Kindle lineup is looking a lot more rounded with more bang for buck even at the lower end. All Kindle’s are now touchscreen. Improved resolution starts from the midrange model improving as you might up the chain.

The new Kindle is available for preorder now in black and white on Amazon for $79 with Special Offers and $99 without (Wi-Fi only; there is no cellular option). The $120 Kindle Paperwhite will now be available in white as well.

Amazon annoucned new low end Kindle