Earlier this month, Amazon announced a new waterproof Kindle Oasis. The new Kindle has support for Amazon’s audiobook service, Audible. One of the great features about Audible integration is when you have the Kindle book and the Audiobook, you can switch from one to another from the same location. It was only matter of time before other readers in Amazon’s Kindle lineup got Audible support.

Now Amazon’s entry-level Kindle will get Audible support in an upcoming over-the-air update. One of the features you need for Audible support on the Kindle is Bluetooth support. The latest iteration of Amazon’s entry-level reader had Bluetooth support and was a prime candidate for the update.

The entry-level Amazon Kindle received its refresh in June last year with a 6-inch glare-free touchscreen, along with 4GB of storage. The display has a density of 167ppi and comes in both black and white. Just like the previous editions of the reader, it sports weeks of battery life on a single charge.

As part of a campaign to promote audiobooks, Audible has a free trial where you can download or listen to two audiobooks for free. There is no limitation to the audiobooks, and you can switch around if you don’t like the one you selected.

You can expect the rest of the Kindle lineup to get Audible support shortly, as long as the device has Bluetooth support. The Kindle readers are feature rich devices and it is difficult to see any other methods of improving an already great device.

Amazon Kindle Reader Gets Audible support
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