It’s not easy to know which ebook reader is the best for you given the number of options that are available from a wide array of popular brands.

However, in the United States, there are two primary brands namely: Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble.

Yet buying an ebook reader that’s just right for your needs is what you should keep in mind. Having said that, here is a comparison between the Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble models for you to know better.

Now there’s are two type of readers: non-backlit and backlit readers. Apart from this, there are eBook tablets that are much more than just ebook readers.


Well, since it is best to start with a basic model, there are two: Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple.

When it comes to the similarities: both these readers offer 2GB storage, 6-inch screens with a 600×800 pixel resolution and in-built Wi-Fi.

Between these two models, the Amazon Kindle is definitely based on prior models that were released while the Barnes & Noble model is a new-generation model. One indicator of that is that the latter is a touchscreen model while the former isn’t.

Also, the NOOK offers twice as much battery life compared to the Kindle even if it weighs an ounce and a half more.

Finally, when it comes to price, the NOOK still is a better choice given that it costs on $79 as opposed to the $69 that the Kindle.

Having said that, you will still have to pay an extra $10 to disable ads with the Kindle that isn’t an issue with the NOOK.

Amazon Kindle vs. Barnes & Noble NOOK – A Comparison