Amazon revamped its top-of-the-line Kindle reader, the Kindle Oasis. The revamped device will still be the highest end Kindle and now gets a set of tweaks for the first time since the launch of the reader back in 2016.

The first and the biggest change is to the screen. The new Oasis sports a 7” screen that is a full inch larger than the existing model. The size increase makes it the largest screen Kindle since the now-discontinued Kindle DX. The Oasis will maintain the 300dpi screen resolution, even with the increase in screen size, keeping it the sharpest e-ink display on the market.

The other major change is that the Oasis is now water-proof. Kindle fans have been asking for a water-proof Kindle for years, presumably for use near pools and on the beach. The device has a rating of IPX8, meaning you could keep it in up to two meters of water for an hour. It is important to note that other companies like Kobo have sold waterproof e-readers for years. Fans hope that the waterproofing will make its way to the entire Kindle lineup.

Amazon replaced the plastic finish of the previous model with a new aluminum finish that feels a bit more premium. The shape of the device remains the same, only adjusted for the new size. The original Oasis had limited battery life to make it thinner, this time around Amazon increased the battery capacity and the device is projected to last as long as six weeks on a single charge.


Amazon Revamps the Kindle Oasis
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