natesebooknewsAmazon, the online retailer has already opened two physical bookstores in Seattle and San Diego. They have also said that they plan to open at least two more in the near future, one in Portland and another in Chicago. Based on job listings and the agenda for a board of Selectmen meeting that the next store will likely be in Dedham, Massachusetts.

The meeting scheduled for the 29th of September by the board of Selectmen has a ten-minute agenda item titled “Discussion & Vote Re: Request for Common Victualer License; Amazon Retail, LLC, 246 Legacy Place #246, Dedham”. This is merely confirmation after Amazon posted job listings for the bookstore. Although they did not provide an exact location at the time, the location has now been confirmed to be next to Citizen’s Bank in the Legacy Place shopping center, in a storefront which previously housed a now-defunct City Sports store.

As with the original two Amazon bookstores, there will be a limited selection of books. All of these will be based on algorithms and data from and will be placed cover forward to mimic how books are seen and sold online. This is unlike normal bookstores, where only the featured titles are shown cover forward, while the rest are shelved sideways.

The bookstores also function as a showroom for Amazon’s growing range of Kindles. All the Kindles models from the Wi-Fi to the Oasis will be on sale alongside the line of Fire tablets and sticks along with the new Echo speaker/assistant range.

Amazon Seeks Approval for Massachusetts Bookstore
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