It looks like the popularity of the printed book is on the rise. After years of declining sales due to the rising popularity of eBooks, printed books are making a comeback. 2015 was the first year that printed book sales increased, largely thanks to adult coloring books.

Sales of printed books rose 6% driven by the popularity of a few new book formats. The primary driver of the growth is the sale of children’s books which saw a 16% rise in sales. Printed children’s books drove the increase. Other popular book types that drove the sales increase were fitness books by Joe Wicks, books on the Danish concept of Hygge, self-help, and non-fiction.

“Last year, one of the most eye-catching figures from our statistics was that physical book sales were increasing while digital book sales dropped,” said PSA chief executive Stephen Lotinga.

He continued: “While many will debate as to whether this trend will continue, we should not ignore the fact that digital sales beyond the domestic eBook market are growing.”

Sales of eBooks dropped 3%. However that did not affect the distribution of other digital media like Journals which saw a 10% jump in sales over the previous year.

Analysts saw that Amazon’s lackluster marketing for the Kindle reading devices and focus on the Echo series of home automation devices is partly to blame for the decrease. Others say that the prevalence of smartphones is driving a digital detox movement. There are only so many devices and screens that people can tolerate.

Book Sales Hit Record Highs
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