Natebooks NovDo you own a relatively successful website that has its own content? Consider making all of that content into an eBook. It can be a significant revenue stream and will also potentially increase brand awareness. Here are some ideas on what kind of content can be packaged and sold as an eBook:


A lot of websites have free time release courses that are provided in exchange for newsletter signups. Although the content can be a little thin, with a little bit of extra work these can be made into significant resources and be offered as an upsell for those that signed up for the free course. There are so many that existing courses like this can be upgraded and sold.


A popular form of content on websites these days are the series and roundup. Roundups are large single articles that cover every aspect of a topic. The series is a large subject broken down into many smaller posts. Even if the website doesn’t contain what is needed for an eBook, building a series out of existing posts and adding new ones is a good way to start.


The easiest way to convert site content into a marketable eBook is to use the archived content. For this to work the site must have enough content and it should be easily separated into categories. Recipes, tips, and life hacks are perfect for this type of book. Even a how-to website can convert its entire catalog into a book that can be sold.

eBook publishing ideas for website owners