Amazon Prime is the $99/year subscription service by Amazon. It is difficult to define Prime as members have access to more than 20 services. There is free two-day shipping on millions of items. Then there is Amazon Prime Video, a streaming video service much like Netflix. Also, there is Prime Audio, a Spotify-like music streaming service. These are just a few of the service; however, we will look at some of the benefits that readers will enjoy:

Kindle Lending Library

The Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is a special catalog inside the Kindle Store that lists Prime-eligible Kindle eBooks. The service allows Prime members to borrow one book a month from a catalog that has as many 1.2 million books, roughly a quarter of the entire Amazon eBook catalog.

Prime Reading

Prime Reading is another service like the Kindle Library. The difference is that it is a selection of around 1,000 books, magazines, and comics. This list includes books like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, The Hobbit, or The Complete Peanuts Vol. 1 and magazines like National Geographic. Amazon refreshes this list regularly, replacing some existing titles with new premium books and magazines.

One day shipping

Under normal circumstances, customers are eligible for free shipping only on orders over $35. Even then, it is four-day shipping. Amazon Prime has two-day free shipping. What a lot of customers miss is that for just $2.99, you can get same-day shipping for any Prime-eligible book.


Five Amazon Prime Features That Readers Will Love
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