natesebooknewsBuying a Kindle involves making some decisions on what you want (and don’t want) from your device. It will also involve setting a limit on how much you are willing to spend. There are Kindle’s at level of from under $100 all the way to over $300. So how do you decide? Here are a few factors to consider:

The first consideration is price. Let’s look at the major devices available. The new base level is Kindle is $79.99, the Kindle Paperwhite is $119.00, the Voyage is $199.99 and the new top of the line Kindle Oasis is a whopping $289.99. The Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite are priced based on Ads, without ads there is no brand new unit under a $100.

When price is a concern then the decision is between the base Kindle and the Paperwhite. If you can afford it then the Paperwhite is the better option. It comes with the same 300ppi display of the Kindle Voyage and as a result is a much more pleasant reading experience. It also comes with a built in light and feels a lot more rugged than any other Kindle. It is also the heaviest. If that is too much then nothing will beat the price of the base kindle although the text is not as sharp and there is no 3g option.

Between the Voyage and the Oasis, it comes down to the willingness to spend the extra on a Kindle that is the lightest ever and comes with its own case. The Oasis is probably the best e-reader ever but is also the most expensive by a fair margin.

How to decide on which Kindle to buy
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