Have you ever wanted to publish your own book? Now thanks to ebooks and the kindle it is easier than ever to publish and sell your own book. Amazon makes it really easy. Here is a step by step guide:

Writing the book

Write the book in Word or your preferred word processor and save it as a doc as other formats are less than optimal. Use basic formatting but leave out anything like bulleted lists etc.

Saving the book

Once you have written it out and finished, save it as a filtered web page.

natebooknewsCreating the eBook

Now use software like Mobipocket creator to make an eBook out of your filtered webpage file. Here are the instructions on using Mobipocket:

  • Start it up.
  • Select “HTML Document” from the section “Import from an Existing File.”
  • Browse to the HTML file and press “Import.”
  • This will open the book editing function. Click on “Cover Image.”
  • Click “Add a Cover Image” and browse your files to locate the book cover.
  • Select your book cover and click “Update” to save your cover.
  • Select “Build” from the Menu.
  • On the Build page, click “Build.”
  • Once complete, the message “Build Finished” will appear.
  • Click the circle next to “Open folder containing eBook” and select “OK.”
  • The file has been saved in .prc format in your My Documents/My Publications folder.

Check your book

Using Kindle Previewer, go through your book and look for mistakes and issues. Correct anything you find in your original word document and follow the above process again.

Pushlish your book

Once you are happy with your book, you can upload the prc file to Amazon. During this proces, specify the price and other royalty related information and then click Publish. You have now published your very own book.

How to publish your own ebook on the Kindle