Every year Amazon launches a new Kindle reader with a minor spec change. Models get upgrades every other year, so all models get a refresh after four years. However, even after years of updates, there is still very little new regarding features. Here are some possible future improvements Amazon could introduce:


The entire Kindle lineup could use a radical redesign. The top of the line model is the only device which looks like some thought went into the design. A kindle reader should be more than just a rectangle with a screen. How about a two-screen Kindle?


Even at the expense of battery life, eye-tracking would provide great utility. When a reader arrives at the last word on the page, the Kindle could then change the page. Camera’s and the kind of processing that requires are becoming pedestrian, and this is another good use of that tech.

Stronger materials

At this price point, it does not come as a surprise that the Kindle has a plastic case. However, since the lifetime of a Kindle reader is at least five years, it would be practical to offer stronger materials that would last longer.


Although this would face resistance from publishers, Amazon could try streaming books. Rather than buy a book outright, you could pay-per-page read. How many times have you started reading a book and realize that it is nor for you? This would greatly increase book consumption. Books that people read over and over again will generate continuous revenue for the writer.

Possible future improvements to the Kindle