Natebooks DecSearch through the known pirate movie and torrent sites and you will see any new release available. This is despite all the technology used to prevent piracy. The same goes for eBooks. Despite all the DRM that publishers have tried, there is almost no copy protection that has not been broken. Having said that, there are some extremely popular books that cannot be found online. Here are a few ways some authors and publishers have managed to keep it that way.


The first strategy is to make it available only in hardcover at launch. This way there are no eBook variants to be hacked and distributed early. It also ensures that fans will buy the book first regardless of the cost.

Monitor and report

There are several well-known forums and sites that are responsible for the bulk of eBook piracy. With a legal team in hand, monitor those sites and issue immediate legal notifications for the specific books to be removed. Most sites will comply, as removing one book is better than having to deal with a legal battle. This only works because most other authors or publishers don’t defend their work as aggressively.

Delayed eBook

eBooks still account for a large enough percentage of sales that cannot be ignored. But a phased rollout will keep piracy down to a minimum. Hardcover first for an extended period of time, followed by a paperback. Eventually, release an eBook edition and price it so cheap that it will not be worth pirating.a

Preventing eBook piracy
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