Amazon has slowly iterated its Kindle readers over the years. The first upgrades focused on better displays and higher resolutions. Later, the Kindle’s got thinner, lighter and then better fonts. Most recently, Amazon introduced the cover with a built in battery, greatly extending the already amazing battery life. Now, rumors say that Amazon is looking at introducing a waterproof Kindle.

A waterproof Kindle does have its uses. Anyone who uses a Kindle on holiday, on the beach on near a pool will want one. The rumors give no details other than the waterproofing, and does not indicate if Amazon will waterproof existing Kindles or only the high-end models.

The timing of the rumor makes it seem unlikely. Any such announcement should have come before the summer holiday season. Amazon just announced the Echo Show and the Echo Look and had plenty of opportunity to piggyback the announcement with either launch. It is also possible that Amazon is testing a waterproof Kindle and has not decided on a release date.

Much like its other products, Amazon has a lab that tests various products, a lot of which never come to market. The Echo, Fire Phone, Tablets and Stick are all products of that Lab. In addition, Amazon introduced new travel bundles for its line of Kindles and it is unlikely that these products will see replacement so soon in the product cycle.

A waterproof Kindle will add yet another feature to the already great Kindle lineup. We just hope that it will make it out of the test lab.

Rumor: Amazon to Launch Waterproof Kindle
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