Many people are staunch advocates of reading paper books. They cannot imagine replacing the paperback with an electronic screen. However, those who have tried eBook readers for an extended period have come to see the many advantages of the format. Here are a few of the advantages that book lovers will notice:


The lightweight and compact eBook read is something you can take everywhere. It also does not require the same sort of protection a tablet needs.


Holidays and other extended trips usually require at least four or five books. This is so that there are options and in case a book is finished sooner than expected. With an eBook reader, the lower capacity models can hold hundreds of books. Just like online shopping, books are a click away.

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EBook readers make it easy to take notes. The days of highlighting passages in a book are over. Select the text with the cursor and click. That is all it takes now to save a note and highlight the page. Export the notes at any point and open it on a computer.


The reading experience is better. Did you forget the last page you read? Not a problem. The eBook reader saved the furthest page read. Text too small? The text size is adjustable, including the spacing and kern.

Battery life

Unlike other devices, these readers only require a charge every couple of weeks. Heavy readers could use one of the many online shopping deals to buy a power bank. A fully charged power bank could run an eBook reader for months.


The Advantages Of An eBook Reader
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