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Every gadget that we buy has its own accessories market. It is how we make the most of our new devices. It is also how we personalize it. Make it our own. Although Amazon owns the eBook reader market, there are many other brands and some of these accessories will be usable by some of them.


This is the most important accessory for your reader. It is what will protect it from the elements and any falls. It is also mostly used to personalize. There are leather cases that come with various designs. There are also shopping deals which give cases along with some of the other items on this list.


Not all readers come with built-in lighting. For those that don’t, there are external LED lights that are mountable on the reader. They come with an adjustable arm which allows you to point it exactly where you want. There are even multiple light levels on some models. When looking online buy the ones that match the color of the reader or case so it does not stand out too much.

Memory cards

Kindles come with static storage, but other manufacturers have built in card readers to expand that storage.


This is the area with the most innovation. In addition to having battery packs available, there are now solar chargers for such devices. They cannot generate enough power to meaningfully charge a smartphone, but for a device which lasts weeks on a charge, a solar charger is perfect.


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The best accessories for eBook readers
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