Only a handful of new eBook readers are released each year. However, sometimes it is still not clear why one model is better than another. Here is what we consider the best eBook reader available today in terms of features and value for money. This list does not include color readers or tablets.

The 3rd generation Kindle Paperwhite is the best reader available today. The Kindle Oasis and Voyage have additional features but they do not beat the Paperwhite in terms of value for money. The Voyage has a self-adjusting front light and the Oasis has a charging cover. However, in terms of speed and software, the Paperwhite is the same while costing between $80 to $170 less. This is the most balanced device in terms of price and features.

In addition, the Kindle software is the leader in terms of polish and stability over the competition. Fast page scanning, in book Wikipedia look-up, vocabulary builder, family sharing, word wise, screenshots, Send to Kindle apps, translations, Goodreads integration, notes, and highlights are just a few of the features that the Kindle software has over other brands.

The maturity of the Kindle reader platform shows in its comparison to other competitors in the market like the Kobo Auro One, InkBook Obsidian and the Onyx Boox N96. Those all have pros and cons but none matches the all-around performance of the Kindle Paperwhite 3.

The top eBook reader on the market
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