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natesebooknewsAmazon released their eighth generation e-reading device: the Kindle Oasis on the 27th of April 2016. It comes with a hefty price tag approximate USD290.00. This is the most expensive Kindle so far and is in stark contrast to the cheapest Kindle available, which is USD80.00.  The hefty price also comes with features which you won’t find in any of the cheaper models. Here are three of them:


This is the lightest Kindle by far. It clocks in at a measly 4.6 ounces and according to Amazon is 20% lighter than the other Kindles. Amazon is pushing to make them lighter and lighter to encourage more reading. In comparison, Apple’s iPad Mini 4 comes in at approximately 10.7 oz, almost twice the weight.


Most Kindles will carry a charge for weeks. Even with reading everyday you can get weeks without worry. The Kindle Oasis has been designed to extend that life time up to months. The Oasis comes with a leather case which also has a battery. The case then charges the Kindle every time it is closed. In addition the Oasis also has a standby mode which reduces power usage when the reader is not in use. You will only need to charge the case every two three months. There is also a rumor of a case with a solar charger, which might mean you never have to charge the Kindle again.


The Oasis has been designed in a such a way to feel more like a book. The ergonomic hand grip, according to Amazon “rest in your hand like the spine of a book”.

Three features of Amazon’s new Kindle Oasis
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