Access to the Kindle Online Lending Library (KOLL) is one of the many benefits Amazon gives Prime members. When Amazon first launched the service, users could borrow only from a set of 5000 books. Over the years the collection has grown. Now, the service allows you to borrow one free ebook each month from a collection 1.7 million ebooks (at the time of writing).

The benefit is available to all Kindle owners and even Kindle Fire owners. One of the reasons so many people don’t use the service is because borrowing a book is a little confusing. First of all, you can see the books in the library on the website. However, for some reason, Amazon does not allow you to borrow the book from the website. Instead, you need to access the lending library from the Kindle or Kindle Fire directly.

The Kindle Fire is fine, but browsing through a library on a Kindle is difficult and slow. What makes it worse is that over the years and in several updates, the location of the library keeps changing.

Fortunately, there are rumors that Amazon will overhaul the KOLL soon and that borrowing books will become easier. Several big changes are coming to Amazon’s Kindle lineup and ebook offerings. There hasn’t been much new in the ebook world, and it looks like Amazon wants to give the category a boost. Hopefully Amazon can shake up the book world again.

Using the Kindle Online Lending Library