Almost every reader who prefers holding a book in his or her hands is fascinated with an e-reader. No, they’re not tablets, netbooks or even digital photo albums.

They are, however, devices that can be used to read text much like you would a normal paperback. In other words, they function as portable libraries.

Given how e-readers have progressed, there are certain must-have features that even the cheapest ereader must have.

notesbookProbably the best choice of the lot is the Amazon Kindle which costs only $69. This model is the best inexpensive ereader when it comes to both performance and features. Not only does it make reading easy for its users, it also has in-built edge lighting that is very popular amongst readers too.

In comparison, two other e-readers come close such as the Nook Simple Touch and the Sony Reader PRS-T2. While the former costs about $78, it offers a touchscreen but no light. The latter is just as good as the Kindle and the Nook but will be discontinued by the company as they have no plans to sell upgraded versions in the United States. In fact, their latest models cost about $199.95.

Apart from this, there are two other e-reader such as the Kobo Mini and the Ectaco Jetbook Mini priced at roughly between $60 to $85.

The Kobo Mini is smaller than the aforementioned readers but for poor screen contrast. Also, their library contains far fewer titles than the competition. As for the Ectaco Jetbook Mini, the display is not a problem. But it runs on AAA batteries while loading books on to the device can be a real headache.

So, one can safely say that the Amazon Kindle offers much more. That’s only if the titles that you would like to read are in formats other than EPUB – probably it’s only frustrating drawback.

What You Need to Know About Inexpensive EReader Options