It can be difficult to keep up with all the readers that Amazon offers. If you must know, there are three main Kindle devices that are available.

What remains to be seen is which of these devices is actually right for you. Since each of these Kindle devices have their merits, here’s a review on each of them:

1: Kindle

This model is the old, standard model that Amazon releases and that continues to be its entry-level reader that is on offer. This model is perfect for those who read during the day time or under strong artificial lighting. Apart from a chunky body, it doesn’t have a built-in light, a screen that isn’t as sharp nor does it offer 3G either.

It’s biggest plus is the price: 59.99 pounds. This is almost half the cost of the Paperwhite model and one-third that of Voyage.

natesebooknews2: Kindle Paperwhite

This model has been released most recently with the main improvement being a much-better display that is as good as Voyage’s 300 ppi resolution. It also offer a built-in light and a decent design. The only issue is that it is heavier and not suited for people who read for long periods of time. Simply put, it has a few weaknesses of the Kindle and strengths of the Voyage model. It costs 109.99 pounds and best ereader in this price range.

3: Kindle Voyage

Being only about a year old, it still is the most advanced model in this range. For starters, its design is a cut above the rest with an angled magnesium back as well as haptic page-turning controls.

Despite its classy design, it is also the slimmest and lightest model and is more comfortable to use when reading. Experts feel as if it has been designed to operate more like a tablet than a reader. As for display, it is the best of the lot. Finally, it also has an adaptive front light that adjusts brightness depending on the current lighting conditions.

Which Kindle E-Reader Should You Buy?