There are several noteworthy launches in the technology space this year. We know Apple will release a new anniversary phone, Google will launch a new Pixel, and we Amazon has already launched two new Echo devices. The questions is, will Amazon release a new Kindle this year?

Yes and no. While that might sound confusing, we know for sure that Amazon will launch a Kindle this year. However, it will not be a new model.

Since 2012, Amazon has updated the Kindle in odd-numbered years and launched a brand new Kindle in even-numbered years. As far as entirely new Kindle’s go, Amazon launched the Paperwhite in 2012, then the Kindle Voyage in 2014, and the Kindle Oasis in 2016. All those launches were in even-numbered years. During the odd-numbered years, Amazon gave the Kindle Paperwhite two updates in 2013 and 2015.

The Kindle Paperwhite updates were incremental and cannot be accurately described as upgrades. However, they were new versions of the same reader. Since 2017 is an odd numbered year, we can safely expect Amazon to give one or more of its Kindle lineup an update. We can expect a brand new Kindle device to join the lineup in 2018.

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The Kindle is already a mature product, so the only improvements that Amazon can bring are in battery life, display technology, and fonts. These kinds of improvements only matter if you are buying a new one. Most people still have and use the first Kindle they bought.

Will Amazon launch a new Kindle in 2018?
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